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Quarantine Couch Slouching!

As if this modern sedentary life wasn't bad enough but alas, the quarantine has confined us to a small space likely in one position for extended periods of time. Whether it's WFH all week or Netflix #AllDay, I think we can use a friendly reminder to stand and get active. Let's examine which areas of our bodies might get tight from a couch. Here's a common position: Imagine you are lying on your side pillow propped with your neck upright to watch the TV, right arm under your

*** We are up and running! Let's Get it! ***

It's been a long time coming but here I am... the OFFICIAL ALL DAY ATHLETICS PT website...(Que the Jamaican air horns and firecrackers) #ALLDAY I've been extremely busy as friend, son, and brother and have been grinding as a personal trainer and a Doctor of Physical Therapy for 10 years now without ever considering a website, SMH. Figured as we enter an uncertain yet ever-evolving future, the world will ultimately need a glimpse of light and embrace virtual services to soak

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