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Quarantine Couch Slouching!

As if this modern sedentary life wasn't bad enough but alas, the quarantine has confined us to a small space likely in one position for extended periods of time. Whether it's WFH all week or Netflix #AllDay, I think we can use a friendly reminder to stand and get active.

Let's examine which areas of our bodies might get tight from a couch.

Here's a common position:

Imagine you are lying on your side pillow propped with your neck upright to watch the TV, right arm under your head, neck bent to the left out of midline, shoulders forward, knees bent, almost fetal position.

Okay maybe not that extreme but what if you took that body frozen in time and put it upright, what kind of shape would that make?

Here's my simple solution:

Things may be comfortable initially so make sure you switch positions every half hour / each TV episode! if you're lying on the right, switch to left or sit up. if you are going to slouch because you're tired, throw in a countermovement here and there.

So let's get up and move!


If you want to take yourself out of odd positions and restore proper balanced energy in your body, check out my Recover & Reform class!

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