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*** We are up and running! Let's Get it! ***

It's been a long time coming but here I am... the OFFICIAL ALL DAY ATHLETICS PT website...(Que the Jamaican air horns and firecrackers) #ALLDAY

I've been extremely busy as friend, son, and brother and have been grinding as a personal trainer and a Doctor of Physical Therapy for 10 years now without ever considering a website, SMH. Figured as we enter an uncertain yet ever-evolving future, the world will ultimately need a glimpse of light and embrace virtual services to soak in it!

I hope to use this platform to provide my unique skills and share my experience with the world!

On this blog I will drop gems of knowledge regarding:

1. Injury prevention / Rehab tips

2. Hilarious Rehab Stories

3. Health & Wellness

5. Nutrition

*** I am extremely excited and confident I will change your life. Edit: I believe YOU have something special that can change your life !!! ***

Additionally I believe that if WE change the world one person at a time and give you the tools to make a POSITIVE change in the world, the ripple effect will create devastating tidal waves! It all starts with training your Mind, Body, and Spirit!

So my ambitious growth seekers, here is what it takes to reach your goals:

Knowledge: I have a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from NYU combined with the esteemed Strength & Conditioning Certification which is the gold standard in personal training. Combined with my BS in Exercise Biology, I will train you safely, and with scientific basis. Not just whatever random workout looks cool on instagram, people! (Although I do mix in the downright camera worthy exercises that make you proud you can do it!)

Let's just say I have it down to a science!

Experience: I have been an athlete my whole life. From a skinny little kid from San Francisco, I was able to reach my dream and become a 3 time Muay Thai Champion in New York City! Boy it was not easy, let me tell ya. Blood, Sweat and Tears were shed to get to where I am now and a lot of trials and errors were involved.

I will share my experience and ROLLER COASTER of a journey that allowed me to do what was seemingly impossible in many people's minds, but not mine.

Heart: Above all it takes the Heart of a Lion; The heart of a Champion, to make dreams a reality. Every obstacle is a test of your will and it is up to you to remain victorious!

Now, you may be asking yourself: How is an online service comparable to doing it live?

Excellent question!

1. First of all, It is all about convenience! Train at your own space at your own time in a safe environment!

2. Secondly, I am able to share my knowledge across the planet and not be limited to my geographical location.

3. Lastly, being a strong COMMUNICATOR and creative minded person makes this a seamless process. Success is Inevitable.

Heart: Above all it takes the Heart of a Lion. The heart of a Champion to get to your goals. Every obstacle is a test of your will and it is up to you to remain victorious!

Let me show you the path. Follow my blog and book your consultation.

IG: @The_Rob_Lin_Technique for updates!


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