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Theragun / Hypervolt: 5 PRO TIPS!

Although massage guns are not a replacement for a skilled Physical Therapy treatment, they do have their place and can help with muscle recovery.

Here are some PRO TIPS on how to use it!

  1. Choose the right tip: Round for most general surfaces, flat for sensitive large muscle groups, pointed for smaller and more focused treatment, and pronged tip for along the paraspinal muscles.

  2. Adjust the proper setting. Hi, Med, Lo frequency of vibration which affects the intensity!

  3. Use along muscle belly: Avoid bony prominences and areas of inflammation.

  4. Perform gently and gradually work deeper with smooth stroking motions.

  5. Get a PT consultation if there is more pain afterwards!

Hope this helps guys!

I am available for Virtual 1on1 consultations about any questions you may have regarding Injuries, Rehab, workouts, or tools to use!

IG: @The_Rob_Lin_Technique

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