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Lincoln University Men's Basketball Sports Medicine

Lincoln University 2023-24 Men's Bball Team.

This season I am working with Lincoln University Men's Basketball program under head coach and NBA hall of famer Gary Payton. As an Oakland Native, Coach Payton founded this program and brought me on as the trainer. However my work involves everything from the sports medicine, strength and conditioning aspect to nutrition. I lead warmups and recovery as well as treatment coordinating with the team physician.

I attend practices and games and have become an integral part of the team as injuries are a fact of contact sports.

It has been quite the experience as this is a new program and I get to see the unique dynamic of a small local college program led by an NBA star.

I began playing basketball in elementary school and played for every school and rec team up through high school varsity with 1 season playing at Stirling University in Scotland in 2006. I took a long break from basketball to focus on competing in muay thai and never thought I'd be back in the loop in this capacity.

Coaching Staff. Left to Right: Chris Laraccas, Sam Moses, Jermain Edmunds Jr., Gary Payton, Glen Graham, Bernard Ward, Rob Lin.

One of the most challenging yet rewarding parts of this role is being responsible for getting players on the court safely and quickly as games are quick. Injuries are one of the biggest factors for a team's success and if managed correctly, it can be the difference in a season. Everything from taping and stretching players to managing them and making sure they are on top of their nutrition and programs.

Here is a clip of some of the work I do post practice to make sure the athletes are prepared for injuries and speed up their recovery for the next training session.

Warmups include dynamic mobility for Upper, lower, and spine as well as activation of different systems. Recovery focuses on parasympathetic activation and myofascial release.

Follow the journey through the season from my Instagram @the_roblin_technique and make sure you keep on top of your sports injuries with someone who knows how to work with high level athletes.

Book your consult to chat about your goals!

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