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Desk Setup PRO TIPS: 6 Tips to prevent pain!

Posture is SO Important. You don't need me to tell you that.

Whether it's for standing, sitting, walking, or running, punching, or kicking. Good posture decreases your risk of injury while optimizing your performance!

Most of us spend copious amounts of time at a desk hammering away on a computer especially now while we are working from home or sitting extended periods of time.


1. Screen is at Eye Level in front. If you have multiple screens they should be placed with the center line in mind. Keep this in mind with your cell phone as well.

2. Keyboard is close to your body. Elbows by your side and bent to 90 degrees.

3. Mouse is within reach so you are not over extending out of your base.

4. Back is properly supported and knees at hip level. (Don't cross your legs!)

5. But what about laptops? It is difficult to observe these guidelines with them!

Here is my suggestion: try getting a laptop stand and a separate keyboard!

6. Lastly, remember to get up from your desk every half hour and stand up. Look 20 feet away from your screen for 20 seconds!

If you have any nagging work related injuries or pain that is impeding your work and workouts, make sure you book a consultation with me!


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