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Body Health PRO TIPS for Athletes and Fighters (Commentary)

GMY Wellness Enthusiasts!

On my Instagram page (@The_Rob_Lin_Technique) you may have caught wind of my recently popular yet silly videos where I drop some serious Physical Therapy knowledge. Refer to "Body health pro tips" highlights on my IG profile. I teach anatomy, pathology and have given stretches, self evaluations, pain relief techniques, and postural education in a way that you can understand. I basically speak to my audience as if they were one of my knucklehead buddies. Seems to get the message through better than sounding like a scholar.

However, I feel I should do some explanation as to what goes on behind the scenes (BTS)...

And now, Ladies and gentlemen...Here's an exclusive look and director commentary breaking down the content of these videos!

A) "O hey I didn't see you there"

You guys love this intro but no I didn't originate it. I got this from my talented partner Aubrey (@AubreyGailFerreira) who is a former model / professional dancer, and creative author of a children's book "Entrepreneur Finds her Way". She currently teaches at Bayhill high school for students with learning disabilities where one of her students always pretends he doesn't see her and when he gets filmed and says "O Hey I didn't see you there". It giggles me every time. So there you have it. The origin of that phrase. The kid is a comical genius.

B) Grainy video images:

Contrary to what you think, this was done intentionally to show my defiance with technology and focus on what really matters (the content). I will not shed money on more machines and this iPhone craze. So what if I have a different colored bubble in texts? That being said I love how technology is helping us connect right now! Stay tuned for better quality vids!

C) Future Topics:

I have a variety of future topics in mind. However, Please note that none of these videos and movements will replace a skilled, thorough Physical Therapy visit! I am currently taking suggestions for future videos!

Comment below with suggestions for future videos!

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