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Emotional Pain vs Physical Pain: One in the same?

Have you ever gone through a bad break up? Felt "dissed" or rejected by someone you had feelings for or just socially rejected by your peers?

Sucks doesn't it?

What type of feelings and sensations did you get on the emotional level? How about the physical?

A 2011 study by Kross et. al actually looked into brain patterns reproduced by social rejection from a break up and from physical pain. Here is the study.

Basically the same regions of the brain were activated on an fMRI whether it was physical or emotional pain! Wow, love and rejection really hurts!

As we begin to understand pain, we find that it is more complicated and involves more than just the local site of the pain. Explain Pain is a book I use to explain this complex phenomenon to many of my clients. Pain is perceived in our brain and our Autonomic Nervous System can react to pain in different ways! Sometimes we react to pain the same way we react to a Lion in the room. Think about how that makes our entire body and mind feel!

Have you ever linked a stressful time in your life to physical pain?

Let's give ourselves a chance to listen to our thoughts and feelings, acknowledge them, and heal them. Find yourself a Therapist who can take care of all 3!


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